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Trump’s White House continues to push policies and regulations that will strip immigrants in America and their families abroad from the ability to reunite, obtain economic support, and have equal opportunity to succeed here.

The latest regulation would make it drastically more difficult for immigrants to obtain a green card here in America. Typically, a family sponsor has to swear and prove he or she has enough assets and money to sponsor a family immigrant/beneficiary (same with the business process) - and that the beneficiary will not go on public benefits (e.g. Medicaid, food stamps, etc.) This is called the public charge rule.

Under the Trump rule, a sponsor and beneficiary would have to satisfy new and additional ridiculous requirements in order to satisfy the “public charge” rule. This includes English proficiency, bond requirements [ list here ].

These additional requirements are cruel and un-American. This advocacy campaign will catalyze thousands of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to take action to oppose this proposed regulation. [Submitting a public comment to the Office of Management and Budget to oppose a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Regulation.]

Generations of AAPIs would never have made it to America under these rules. Most of our great-grandparents would never have obtained residency, much less citizenship.

For a new and young generation of AAPIs, we cannot allow these changes to ever take effect. This will impact our children, our communities, and economic opportunity for our families abroad for the next millennia.

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