Virginia Elections Underscore "Missed Opportunity" By Not Investing in Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

While Democrats swept the Virginia elections in 2017, many Asian American and Pacific Islander votes were left unclaimed, which would have made the difference in several House of Delegate seats and likely led to a flipping that chamber. The Democrats have not controlled the House of Delegates since 1999, when they had controlled it for over a century. 

In polling data released by GBA Strategies, AAPI's turnout numbers at 78 percent for Virginia Governor-elect Ralph Northam were down from 81 percent as compared to numbers for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election. However, Latino's turnout at 85 percent and African American's at 90 percent for Northam represented double digit increases over Clinton's numbers in 2016. Fourteen percent of AAPIs decided not to vote in 2017 with the leading reason as "too busy." 

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